Instinct Whitepaper


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Technology is transforming the collective experience. It has been deployed to enhance a dynamic user interface with versatile API designed to facilitate transactions and integrate platforms. With blockchain as an anchor, platforms are ensuring authenticity, traceability, and immutability of digital assets. Leveraging blockchain, Instinct is a global marketplace of digital assets for players to enjoy a vast range of digital assets. We are offering an NFT trading card game set in a fantasy world, featuring rich lore, maps of the realm, and many factions to choose from, alongside BNB dividends integration.


The blockchain-based NFT was created to give digital assets a unique marker. NFT also provides a cross-border clearing and settlement platform, enabling non-fungible digital assets to be mapped onto the chain for exchanging. NFT is valuable because it’s authentic, transferable, and provides ownership. Statistics show that, in the global NFT market, the top 3 NFT applications are collection, arts, and sports. They accounted for 48%, 43%, and 4% of the global NFT market in Q1 2021, with respective market sizes of $960 million, $860 million, and $0.8 billion.

In the game market, the centralized ownership and control of user-generated content limit creator rights and ownership. Centralized control over the trading of virtual goods restricts players and users from generating fair value for their creations. While the notion of genuine digital ownership is still relatively new, there is undoubtedly a reasonable argument that transparent ownership may increase the value of an authentic, non-replicable digital artwork. However, what if you could do something profitable and enjoyable with NFT other than simply possessing it?

This is where Instinct will dominate the market. 

Instinct will be one of the first decentralized blockchain-based trading card platforms that join millions of trade card enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and sell NFT card games and play real-time multiplayer games as a play-to-earn game while holding your own $INSTINCT and earning passive income.

Instinct is building a virtual world where players can engage in top-notch gaming experiences. Our vision is to offer deeply immersive games for players to explore the virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without a central authority. We aim creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding their participation with $INSTINCT.

Market Opportunity

The current gaming market presents favorable conditions that offer Instinct a unique opportunity to exploit PC/Mac and mobile platforms. The opportunity to shift power and earning potential into the hands of players in the growing UGC gaming market will add significant value to their gameplay experience. The global gaming market is expected to reach: $171.96 billion by 2025, while the Asia Pacific market is expected to gain traction, with market size of $86.84 billion by 2025. Countries such as China, India, and South Korea offer lucrative growth opportunities for market augmentation, partly due to the countries’ growing smartphone and Internet penetration.

The digital asset market, estimated at $32 billion, has grown significantly over the past three years. This explosion introduced decentralized application platforms (DApps), which use smart contract protocols and ensure digital asset management.

Platforms drive blockchain technology adoption, with digital assets coming into action in the 370 billion markets generated by collectibles. Gaming platforms are using blockchain through NFTs.

With countless application and technology possibilities, NFT could become more and more attractive as we move forward in the digital era. According to, NFT’s total market capitalization reached $210 million in 2019 and was expected to grow by 50% to $320 million in 2020. The number was also expected to continue to climb by 125% to $710 million in 2021.

Market Problem

⦁ Huge unfulfilled demand for games with trading cards features

The video gaming and trading card industries are thriving billion-dollar industries that are anticipated to surge over the next decade. The distinction between gaming and trading cards has already blurred.  However, there aren’t many video games on the market that contain trading cards, with the majority of them including either tiny NFT cards or gameplay functionality. We feel there is a big market possibility for video games with gambling elements.

⦁ Slow digitalization of the trading cards market

Trading cards are likely to overtake football as the global market leader in the gaming industry. The public warmly welcomed previous attempts to digitize trading cards, ranging from gaming broadcasts to trading game systems. However, these techniques fall short of competing with other audience games, and there is widespread agreement that the trading card market must go further into the digital realm. The digitization of the trading card and play to earn market is in high demand.

⦁ Unprofitable for the players

The primary reason that most trading card gamers and enthusiasts despise this sector is that it focuses on pay to play rather than play to earn.  That is why Instinct has arrived to disrupt everything and flip the online trading card game industry on its head.

Our Solution

⦁ Fair and transparent at all times

Decentralized solutions ensure that trading cards and games are transparent, fair, private, and secure for all platform participants.  Blockchain technology offers an appealing answer to many of the issues and inconveniences that the online play-to-earn industry is now experiencing. The following are the primary benefits of blockchain implementation for online play-to-earn games: authenticated users, elimination of third parties, cheaper transactions, and near-instant fund transfers.

⦁ Profitable for the players

The current gaming and trading card game industry is far from being player-friendly. Everything is focused on spending and losing rather than earning.  One of Instinct’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players with diverse ways to easily and instantly earn profit. There are many activities in the game that allows users to earn.  Users can earn actual profit by participating in many in-game activities: Buying & Selling NFT’s, participating in trading card games & tournaments, holding $ Instinct and making passive income from the dividends, participating in referral, reward, and bug report programs.

⦁ Gaming and trading card experience that is unique to each player

Instinct takes a fresh approach to online entertainment by providing individualized gaming and trading card experiences.  We strive to make each game experience unique by providing a variety of methods to participate and unique NFT assets to each player.

The Instinct Platform

Instinct is a platform whose objective is to give its users access to certain exclusive content related to card gaming so that players can have a great time while earning. Users will also be able to collect and trade cards as well as $INSTINCT on the platform.

We are leveraging blockchain and NFT technologies to enhance the collective experiences of users. Our platform features a dynamic user interface and a versatile API designed to facilitate transactions, all anchored on blockchain technology, which guarantees digital assets’ authenticity, traceability, and immutability.


The $INSTINCT Token is BNB-integrated and acts as an incentive for players on the platform. We will have a total supply of 1 billion tokens. While holding $INSTINCT, users earn BNB automatically and control which currency to receive their earnings in. BNB dividends will be available in ANY currency on BSC, including BTCB, XRP, ADA, etc. They can also keep track of how much they have earned so far from their dashboard, and see when the next payout is due, updated in real-time.

Token Value Support

We have a buyback plan that would run consistently at a particular buying price. The essence is to strengthen the value of $INSTINCT. The buyback plan enables us to maintain the token’s liquidity. There will be an option to auto/manual buyback. Through this plan, users can exchange their $INSTINCT Token for other tokens. Another way to ensure that we maintain the value of $INSTINCT is that there will be 0.1% max sell to prevent dumps.

Instinct Tokenomics

Buys (8%)

7% BNB Reflections

1% LP Fee

Sells (10%)

8% BNB Reflections

2% LP Fee

Anti-Whale 0.1% Max Sells


The next step in the evolution of earn-to-play gaming is $Instinct. We are developing an epic NFT trading card game set in a fantasy realm that will pay you real money if you participate.

⦁ ​ Create the ultimate deck, compete in PVP matches, and take home the title of Instinct

⦁ Play to earn gaming system

⦁ NFT’s implementation

⦁ Trading card Game

⦁ Passive income from holding $ Instinct

⦁ Sharing the fun with friends & family as it is a multiplayer game



Instinct is an ancient power that has awoken after centuries of dormancy (Little is known about why the Instinct has been gone for so long or why it has suddenly returned. Some believe the power may have been sealed due to a planetary war causing near extinction. Others believe Instinct is an ancient god granting powers to those it deems worthy for its unknown plan. Instinct is an anime-inspired fantasy world with many elements borrowed from mystical folklore.

New heights await the Instinct scene as NFTs pave the way towards innovation, and in times like these, companies like Instinct are laying the groundwork for an open and innovative marketplace. Join our platform today, and have a fantastic gaming experience while earning.