What is INS?

Instinct (INS) is the currency used in the ever-expanding world of Zaidara

INS holders have a variety of different avenues that bring value to their tokens. Purchasing and selling of in-game NFTs with extreme deflationary mechanisms and use throughout the NFT marketplace Hoardable. In-game entry fees to tournaments. Crafting of new NFTs and participation in key governance votes deciding the future landscape of Instinct TCG


Players will be able to lock their tokens to receive weekly NFT card packs, eliminating the need for costly upfront paywalls. INS/BNB staking will also be offered to further increase the foundation of Instinct.


INS is accepted as a currency within the Hoardable NFT Marketplace. We also encourage the purchase of in-game items and packs using INS. with exclusive content only being available using our native currency.


Every Purchase in-game using INS will be subject to a 25% Burn, creating an extremely Strong deflationary mechanism from the very start.


When the game goes live, holders will start to receive revenues generated on Instinct CCG. The community treasury and future game updates will be governed by the holders. True Decentralisation.

Smart Taxes

Whilst the consensus is that it is better to eliminate taxes from the GameFi token. we disagree, in fact our tokenomics are so smart we believe they hold the key to a sustainable long-term future.

The Portal

Players can bridge their $INS directly to the in-game currency, at a 1:1 ratio and paired directly to $INS only. Players are subject to a 5% transfer tax in/out of game.

Token Metrics


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INS Ecosystem